• Ryan Mac

    Ryan Mac

  • Antonella Perazzoni

    Antonella Perazzoni

    EFL teacher, EN>SP/ PT>SP translator, Python newby.

  • The Tiger's Nest

    The Tiger's Nest

    The Priest Isaac Institute

  • CryptoWorldReview


    -When paper cash becomes worth almost nothing what is your plan- Fortune favors the bold. -WE have not missed a day of crypto research since 2013-

  • Icfai Sandeep

    Icfai Sandeep

    I am a Professional Blogger, Writing Since 3 years on different topics.

  • Suma Narayan

    Suma Narayan

    People-friendly. Cat person. Loves tea, believes humanity is good by default. I believe that Nature calls out to the Spirit in us. I know that all prayer works.

  • Yamini Hundare

    Yamini Hundare

    When you are standing on a cliff, jump to fly not to fall… I am an aspiring writer who loves to write about agile mindset, my own experiences and kids stories

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